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Open to IMHA members, the two-day sessions of facilitated discussions will focus on core skills needed for rising leaders in today’s dairy transportation industry. The program will provide opportunities for self-reflection, practical application and a forum for sharing experiences and feedback to foster learning while advancing oneself as a leader. Our goal will be to increase understanding of what skills are necessary to effectively influence/change/enhance the way in which work is performed throughout the dairy industry whilst engaging participants in activities that encourages them to adapt how they approach their role as a strategic leader.

Take an inside-out view on how to show up as a leader, influence others and impact the organization. A willingness to adapt your view and approach to work—and to others' performing work—will aid in the development of new mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets necessary to be effective while being realistic about where you are today. This summit will inspire you to look boldly into the future.

Examples of topics to be discussed:
• Setting and communicating one’s intentions and vision
• Ensuring messages are heard and understood
• Aligning and motivating others to embrace change
• Delivering difficult messages in uncertain times

The Summit features interactive leadership workshops, sessions on people strategies, inspiring business story examples, manufacturer panel, tour of a dairy transportation terminal with truck displays, and many networking opportunities with top industry leaders and peers.

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